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4 min read

Improve Patient Satisfaction With Better Contact Center Processes

There are several unique challenges that plague contact centers within the healthcare community. These shared concerns are what have come to shape the unique processes and strategies that are aimed at...

5 min read

Why More Contact Centers Are Taking It To The Cloud

Contact centers are constantly looking for different ways to improve efficiencies and take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies. That being said, too many of these operations have yet to ...

7 min read

Customer Experience Strategy: 2019

Customer experience has become the buzzword of all buzzwords. Every business is reliant on the customer, which makes strategy surrounding them so crucial. The customer will never be a “trend.” They’re...

6 min read

Outsourcing Domestic Contact Centers 101

Outsourcing has made its way into almost every facet of the business world — and it should come as no surprise that call centers rank high on that list. But why?

5 min read

The Life of a Contact Center Agent 

The life of a contact center representative can be a stressful one. Their day is defined by dealing with customer issues and complaints, and burnout becomes a real issue to be dealt with.

5 min read

Contact Center Best Practices

The contact center industry is a tough one. It can sometimes feel like an endless weight with no upside. Stressful days, high standards and wildly high turnover plague the industry. But does it really...

5 min read

The Changing Tides of Contact Centers

Everyone is obsessing over the perfect customer experience — and for good reason. The customer has always been king, but it is now more apparent than ever. The changing tides of customer service has f...

3 min read

Technology Enablement Is Your Real-Life Treasure Map

As fans of our content may have already noticed, we talk a lot about enabling technology. A company whose charter is built upon combining humans + machines to deliver exception customer experience wou...

AI and Automation in Contact Centers

Artificial intelligence scares most people in the support center industry. We understand the fear as many wonder if it will take over the human element that has traditionally been needed to implement ...


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